Cyprus introduces a universal health system

Everything ran smoothly and as planned at the launch of the National Health Plan (NHS) on Saturday, according to the first statements of both the Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou and officials responsible for the implementation of what was described as the biggest social reform since the establishment of the Republic in 1960.

After waiting for so many years we finally start, said Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou in his statement at noon on Saturday, adding that the first of June 2019, when the implementation of the first phase of NHS had started, was a historic day for the country.

He said that everything was running smoothly, after the briefing he had by the Health Insurance Organization (HIO).

He added that the first claim was carried out at 5.15am on Saturday (Cyprus time) by a GP, followed by a claim from a Specialist.

The President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades in a tweet on Saturday morning said that a historic day has dawned for our country, that signals perhaps the biggest social conquest in the history of the Republic of Cyprus.

In a press conference, the chairman of HIO board, Thomas Antoniou said that everything was working well and that the software was functioning above expectations.

As he said, although Cyprus, is the last country in Europe to apply a national health system, is one of the first countries to implement a fully electronic healthcare system.

According to HIO director Athos Tsinontides, over half a million citizens and hundred of health providers were registered in the NHS electronic records, which is probably the biggest IT system ever operated in Cyprus. Over 1000 medicines are offered for free in most of the pharmacies around Cyprus.

The registration of between 500 and 600 specialist doctors is expected during the next few days.

Source: Cyprus News Agency