CYPRUS: Installation of eco-friendly submerged bins at Larnaca’s Mackenzie beach

The installation of submerged bins along the popular Mackenzie beachfront in Larnaca has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras told CNA that works to construct and install the submerged bins began recently to reduce municipal solid waste from coastal hotels and other units producing waste in bulk.

The bins will be placed at 16 points along the Larnaca coast, namely Mackenzie, Tasos Mitsopoulos Avenue and Phinikoudes.

A total of 64 bins will be installed at a total cost of around Euros 1.5 mln.

This includes two large garbage collection vehicles equipped with a crane to lift the submerged bins, two lorries for skip containers and pruning’s, 25 small paper compressors installed in restaurants and supermarkets, 19 large compressors for paper and PMD, and a pruning shredder.

Every three months Larnaca Municipality will submit a report to the Department of Environment with the results of recycling, since the amount of materials to be gathered will be weighed and recorded.

Vyras added that operations would be carried out in a way that would minimize any disturbance, taking into consideration the safety of visitors and traffic in the area.

He said installation of the submerged bins would solve aesthetic and stench problems, caused by the existing large green bins, especially during the Summer months.

Furthermore, the volume of recyclable materials collected from costal recreation centres and hotels would be increased, due to the sorting of solid waste at the source.

Source: The Financial Mirror