Cyprus in daily contact with WHO and EU regarding coronavirus, Health Minister says

Cyprus is in daily contact with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the EU, and is ready to apply all protocols regarding the coronavirus, Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou said on Monday.

Ioannou said any passenger from anywhere in China will be checked, and that all passengers who have been in China over the past fortnight must notify the authorities.

He assured the Ministry of Health was implementing all WHO instructions and was ready to update the protocols immediately.

Replying to questions, Ioannou said it was one thing for an airline to decide to cancel flights and another for a state to close its borders, noting that very few states have done so and none of them are EU member states. Ioannou pointed out that WHO had not instructed any states to close their borders.

Asked about specialised tests in Cyprus, Ioannou said that they will be carried out as of Monday afternoon in Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency