Cyprus House plenary approves laws to tackle the effects of COVID-19 pandemic

The Cyprus House Plenary approved on Friday, by urgent procedure, ten bills concerning the measures aiming to contain the pandemic of coronavirus(COVID-19) and ti support the economy and the society.

Out of twenty one MPs who were present at today’s short meeting of the plenary, twenty voted for the bills and only one voted against. President of the National People`s Front (ELAM) Christos Christou was the one MP who voted against the bills.

Among the ten laws that passed from the plenary is the one concerning the supplementary budget amounting to €369m which is needed to implement the measures to contain the virus and support the economy, employees, vulnerable groups and businesses affected by the crisis. This amount will deteriorate the budget balance at 2.0% of GDP.

The law states that due to the problems caused by the spread of the coronavirus, the Cabinet decided to adopt budgetary measures amounting to €813m or 3.8% of GDP aimed at supporting vulnerable groups, businesses, self-employed, employees, students and the economy in general.

The laws passed also include the law that authorize the Minister of Labor to make arrangements falling within the powers of her Ministry, the laws on VAT and taxation and the law to maintain the current level of contributions to the General Healthcare System known as GESY.

The plenary also passed into law the amendments on the law relating to the decrees and regulations issued by the Minister of Health as well as the out-of-court arrangements for breaking this law.

The law enabling the bodies of the administration and the various organizations to meet and make decisions by videoconferences was also passed.

Two more bills that relate to state guarantees to banks worth €2 billion and suspension of loan payments remain to be discussed at tomorrow’s session of the parliamentary committee on Finance and the extraordinary session of the House Plenary scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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