Cyprus House commemorates Europe Day, Labour Day and the end of World War II

The House of Representatives commemorated during its plenary session, on Friday, Europe Day, Labour Day and the end of the Second World War.

House President Demetris Syllouris addressed the plenary before the legislative work today, noting that the 9th of May has been declared as both Victory Day against fascism and Europe Day.

“The House of Representatives commemorates these anniversaries today, respecting the principles of freedom, democracy and human rights and expressing its full support to world peace and justice,” he stressed.

Cyprus honours the memory of all the victims of the 2nd World War, Syllouris said, adding that from its ashes the Schuman Declaration was presented on 9th May which put forward a vision of peace in the continent. He recalled that Cyprus has been an EU member since 2004, that the benefits of accession have been great for citizens but also spoke of the challenges Europe still faces.

Syllouris reiterated the parliaments support to European integration and its intention to constructively contribute to dealing with EU weaknesses.

He also marked May Day and recalled workers strikes in Chicago in 1886 which led to the establishment of better working conditions, better pay and a social security system.

In Cyprus, the House Speaker said, the workers movement conducted its own struggles to improve working conditions and to lay solid foundations for social rights enjoyed today by the Cypriot people as a whole.

Source: Cyprus News Agency