Cyprus Health Ministry announces 33 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, 32 patients are treated in hospital

Cyprus Health Ministry announced that 33 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed on Sunday (positivity rate 0.08%), while 32 patients are treated in hospital, 12 of them in a critical condition. The total number of confirmed cases is now 73,190.

No deaths were reported and therefore the number of COVID-19 patients who have died remains 373. Two hundred fifty of them are men (67%) and 123 are women (33%).

According to the Health Ministry, 43.151 tests were carried out using the PCR method (5,572) and antigen rapid tests (37,579).

Out of the 12 COVID-19 patients whose condition is critical, 8 are intubated and 4 are treated in an Increased Care Unit.

The 33 new COVID-19 cases were detected as follows: 3 cases out of 103 samples taken while tracing the contacts of already confirmed cases, 2 cases out of 3,884 samples taken by passengers

Source: Cyprus News Agency