Cyprus has one of the lowest percentages of ICT experts in the EU, Eurostat says

Only 8,100 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts were in Cyprus, in 2015, up from 7900 in 2010.

However, their percentage remains one of the lowest in the EU (only 2.2% as percentage of total employment).

According to Eurostat, in Cyprus 82.9% of ICT professionals are men and in total 71.2% of them had tertiary education. 47.7% are aged less than 35, broadly following the European trend.

Meanwhile, in the European Union (EU), nearly 8 million persons were employed in 2015 as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists, representing 3.5% of total employment. This profession continues to be largely made up of men, accounting in 2015 for more than 8 ICT specialists out of 10 employed in the EU (83.9%). It also employed mainly highly educated people, with 6 ICT specialists out of 10 (60.5%) employed in the EU having

Source: Cyprus News Agency.