Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon to hold first informal trilateral meeting on diaspora issues on Thursday in Beirut

The first informal trilateral meetng among Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon will take place on Thursday in Beirut, with a view to lay the foundation for their cooperation on diaspora issues.

The meeting will be attended by Cyprus Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Terence Quick and Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil. Photiou will be paying a two – day visit to Lebanon, on Thursday and Friday, to represent the Republic of Cyprus at the World Conference of the Lebanese diaspora.

The Commissioner told CNA that the informal trilateral meeting is of decisive importance, since it takes place in the framework of the governments broader strategy for cooperation with neighbouring countries, recalling that there is already cooperation on diaspora issues with Israel, Egypt and Armenia.

Photiou said that the Lebanese diaspora is powerful “and through this cooperation we will seek to promote our national interests abroad.

During his visit to Lebanon, Photiou will also have meetings with the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi and the head of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church Aram I. He will also meet the President and membrers of the Cypriot diaspora in Beirut.

Source: Cyprus News Agency