Cyprus, Greece and Egypt constitute pillars of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, Commissioner Fotiou says

Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues and Overseas Cypriots, Fotis Fotiou, has said that Cyprus, Greece and Egypt constitute pillars of stability, peace and security in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

In his statements after the completion of the trilateral meeting between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt on diaspora issues, which was held in Athens, on Thursday, 19 December, Presidential Commissioner underlined that the three countries share common values and interests, as well as strong bonds and cultural similarities. The three countries have a relationship based on sincere friendship and mutual respect, Fotiou said.

In this context Cyprus, Greece and Egypt are promoting and furthering their goals of cooperation on diaspora issues, by joining forces in the service of their common interests � especially at decision-making centers, where the three countries have strong diaspora communities, Fotiou stressed.

Moreover, Presidential Commissioner expressed the view that the trilateral cooperation between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, promises a new and optimistic era both for the three countries and for the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

As regards the agenda of the trilateral meeting on diaspora issues, Fotiou explained that the three parts discussed about specific actions for reinforcing the capability of organized diaspora communities to promote their interests, with special emphasis given in the new generations of diaspora and in actions that help the preservation of diaspora’s national identity.

We agreed to implement a hosting program for youth representatives, which will be realized in the three countries in the summer of 2020. Moreover, we agreed to proceed with the cooperation of our educational institutions, and the granting of scholarships to young people from diaspora communities, Fotiou explained, while announcing that the fourth phase of the Nostos program will take place in South Africa, where Cyprus, Greece and Egypt have organized diaspora communities.

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt are strategic allies, and as such we can make our voice heard, in order to promote actions and decisions that further our national goals. In this context, diaspora can play a significant role, especially as regards the issues of security and peace in the region, Presidential Commissioner concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency