CYPRUS: Government to financially support children of serial killer’s victims

The Cyprus government has decided to financially support the children of the five foreign women murdered by a confessed serial killer.

Deputy government spokesperson Klelia Vassiliou, said the state is to support the victims’ dependent children with the amount of EUR 17,000 each, after a decision taken by the cabinet on Tuesday.

According to Vassiliou, Ministers decided that financially supporting these children was the least the state could do after their mothers were brutally murdered.

“These women came to our country to work, investing in a better future for their children. The state has a moral obligation to support these children, “said Vassiliou.

Five women and two children were murdered by a 35-year-old Greek Cypriot army captain who confessed to their murders that went undetected for nearly three years.

All of the victims were reported as missing to the authorities who failed to act in a timely fashion. Four of the woem were employed as domestic workers in Cyprus.

The majority of victims were from the Philippines, one from Nepal and a mother and daughter from Romania who were buried at a village outside Nicosia last week.

Source: The Financial Mirror