Cyprus Government asks SBA to implement same policy and measures announced to combat spread of COVID-19

The Republic of Cyprus is expecting the Sovereign Base Areas Administration to implement the same policy and measures announced by the Republic of Cyprus to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The Foreign Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Tasos Tzionis met on Monday with British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie where they discussed the measures undertaken by the British Bases, to avert the spread of the coronavirus, in light of the decisions taken on Sunday by the Cabinet.

It was stressed to the High Commissioner that the Republic of Cyprus expects the Sovereign Bases Area Administration to implement throughout the SBA areas and for everyone residing within the Bases, the same policy and measures announced by the Government, strictly adhering to the protocols the Ministry of Health has put in place.

It was also underlined that the same measures should be applied to the staff who arrive at Akrotiri airport.

Regarding the two coronavirus cases within the British Bases, which the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics confirmed, the British side assured that all procedures provided by the Ministry of Health were followed.

The two persons were placed in self-isolation at the British Bases. The High Commissioner assured that the Bases follow the measures announced by the government in relation to arrivals at Akrotiri Airport, in line with the Treaty of Establishment.

The Foreign Ministry said discussions on the issue continue with the aim to achieve full and effective cooperation of the relevant authorities of the Republic and the Bases in efforts to avert the spread of the coronavirus.

It assured that the government is completely standing by the citizens of the Republic who live and/or work within the Bases areas.

Source: Cyprus News Agency