Cyprus gets Summit conclusions’ reference on erga omnes EU – Turkey agreement implementation, Prodromou says

Cyprus has succeeded in including in the Summit Conclusions specific phrasing in the migration issue paragraph, which urges on full implementation of the EU-Turkey migration flows agreement and the corresponding readmission agreement, vis-A�-vis all Member States without exceptions, Government Spokesperson Prodromos Prodromou told the press in Brussels, after the regular session was completed and before the opening of the Eurozone summit .

In particular, Prodromou stated that “with regard to the migration issue in the context of general concerns and despite the fact that the uncontrolled influx of migrants into the EU has been greatly restricted, the President of the Republic has pointed out the peculiar situation prevailing in the region and especially in the Republic of Cyprus, underlining that since the beginning of the year Cyprus has received disproportionately great pressure from migratory flows, particularly from almost 3000 persons of irregular entry through the occupied areas “.

The Spokesman noted that the President “has succeeded in the inclusion of a special reference in the Councils conclusions, about the need for full implementation of the EU-Turkey Agreement, especially given that the conclusions already state that the readmission agreement, which exists with the Turkey should be implemented without exception towards all Member States “.

As the spokesman explained, the President of the Republic “participated today in the works of the European Council meeting, on the agenda of which are mainly two important issues: first of all the issue of British withdrawal (brexit), as of course the migration issue”.

Concerning brexit, the Spokesman stressed that “it is indeed a difficult negotiation,” noting that “the President of the Republic agrees with the EU27, that we must remain under a united position, defending the interests of the Member States and citizens, but also the cohesion of the Union itself”. At the same time the President underlined “the special relationship that Cyprus has with Britain and that it is the wish of the Republic of Cyprus that the pursuit of an agreement will allow the preservation of the close ties of the two states, but also the citizens themselves in the post brexit era. “

Source: Cyprus News Agency