CYPRUS: Full-scale emergency exercise at Paphos Airport successfully completed

A full-scale emergency exercise was successfully completed at Paphos International Airport, under the code name Complete Terminal Evacuation.

Various government and non-governmental departments and services, operating in the airport, took part in the exercise on 29 March.

According to the exercise scenario, a fire alarm sensor was activated in the kitchen located in the Departures Area.

Within minutes, a fire broke out and smoke originated from the area. Emergency procedures for the evacuation of the terminal were activated immediately while emergency services and rescue crews arrived at the scene to commence rescue operation.

The exercise scenario is part of ongoing efforts to improve the level of readiness and coordination of all the Airport services involved during emergency situations.

Airports operator Hermes said it was satisfied with the final outcome of the exercise.

The findings of the exercise will be evaluated and used accordingly, in order to further improve the emergency response levels and the overall performance of the various services, it added.

Source: The Financial Mirror