Cyprus FM says Republic’s foreigh policy for the Middle East, at EU’s disposal

Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides placed the foreign policy of the Republic of Cyprus in the Middle East, at the disposal of the EU, during the first EU-LAS ministerial conference in Brussels.

In statements at the Brussels Press and Information Office camera after the conference, Nikos Christodoulides stressed that “we made available to the EU, the foreign policy of the Republic of Cyprus, one of the pillars of which is the development of relations with the Middle East and the Gulf, in order to facilitate further cooperation and positive results in relation to the Brussels priorities, always in relation to the Middle East and the Gulf countries. “

The Minister described the conference as “very meaningful and symbolic”, stressing that “it is the first ministerial meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels.”

He noted that through his interventions he stressed the “need for continued cooperation”, because, as he said, “the countries of the Arab world are the EUs neighborhood” and, for that reason “importance should be given to them.” The Minister also stressed that “many of the problems we face today in the EU,originate in the countries of the Arab world, so we have to look through common approaches, through joint action, how we deal with these problems and, in particular, the causes that lead to these phenomena that we are facing today in the EU.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency