“Cyprus File” to be studied for missing persons data, says House President

The ”Cyprus File”, the archives of the Greek parliament’s inquiry into the 1974 coup, will be studied for facts about the missing persons, House President Dimitris Syllouris has said.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Syllouris said that after the archives of the Greek parliament’s inquiry were handed over to the Cypriot parliament almost two weeks ago, the priority is to study them thoroughly and to digitize them. He also said that we will examine whether there is evidence for missing persons.

Syllouris made it clear that he does not have any knowledge that such information is included in the archives but the aim is to exhaust all the chances and exploit all the information that we have before us.

The committee which carried out the inquiry was put together in 1986 following the unanimous decision of the Greek parliament. The inquiry heard testimony from 86 witnesses and the minutes of its sessions span close to 21,000 pages.

Turkish troops invaded Cyprus on 20 July 1974, following a military coup that toppled the legal government of the Republic which was engineered with the Greek military junta.

In a two-phase invasion and despite repeated calls by the UN Security Council, Turkey occupied 37% of the sovereign territory of the Cyprus. Ankara continues to maintain some 40,000 troops in the northern areas of Cyprus, in complete disregard of appeals for their withdrawal and calls to contribute to a political settlement through peace talks.

The consequences of Turkey’s illegal aggression were devastating and are still felt by the Cypriot people: gross violation of human rights, with hundreds of people still listed as missing, Greek Cypriot refugees in anticipation of a solution that would allow them to return home, enclaved Greek Cypriots being deprived of fundamental rights and the island’s 9,000 year old cultural heritage being pillaged.

A round of UN-backed talks in Crans Montana, Switzerland, took place between June 28-July 6, which failed to produce any results. The peace talks under the auspices of the UN aim at reuniting the island under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency