Cyprus, Egypt and Greece a model of constructive regional co-operation says President Anastasiades

President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said Monday that Cyprus, Egypt and Greece were a model of constructive regional co-operation, in a speech at the opening ceremony of Nostos, The return program in Alexandria, Egypt, according to an official announcement.

“The tangible results of our cooperation, always for the benefit of the people of our countries, are pushing us into further joint planning, actions and strategies,” the President said, asserting his strong personal will to deepen and strengthen relations between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.

He added that the common history and culture of the countries, the common principles and values, which dated back to ancient times were interwoven with their cultural heritage.

“It is our duty to continue to draw strength from the historical ties and the tradition of our three countries, to continue to shape our common course. A common path, based on the timeless values of mutual respect, solidarity and hospitality, “he added.

At the same time, the President said that he was thrilled to be in one of the biggest cities of the ancient world and the one of the most prominent cradles of civilization.

In the city of Alexander the Great, of the Orthodox Patriarchate, the city of arts and letters, the city of Cavafy, the beloved Alexandria, he said.

He added that the Cypriots and Greeks Egyptians, especially in the cities of Alexandria and Cairo, contributed greatly to the development and preservation of the national and cultural identity of Cyprus, praising at the same time their contribution to the development of close ties of friendship between the peoples of the three countries.

“The presence here of President Sisi, who has made this return journey under his auspices, of President Pavlopoulos and myself, as well as of the extended delegations of our countries, is the practical acknowledgment and respect for this valuable work that you, the people of diaspora, have done over time, by loving Egypt as your homeland, while maintaining unshakable ties with your own homeland, ” he noted.

The President also said that among other, successful entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, as well as great benefactors of the nation had emerged from the Cypriot and Greek communities in Egypt.,

He thanked the Egyptian people who, from the first moment, warmly embraced the Cypriot emigrants, making them feel like their home in Egypt.

“The hospitality, love, and broad support of the Cypriot community here in Egypt, my friend President Sisi, is well-appreciated by the Cypriot people,” he said, addressing the Egyptian President.

He also said that the “Nostos” program would unleash the next few days a beautiful story, a small trek of memories, experiences and narratives, a journey of memory and nostalgia, a journey identified with the return to home land.

Welcoming the initiative, he said that this was another step forward in the tripartite cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus, Egypt and Greece on diaspora, which reaffirmed the excellent relations between the three countries and was contributing to further strengthening of the tripartite cooperation mechanism.

Source: Cyprus News Agency