Cyprus’ Education Minister calls on the EU to capitalize on the European Universities Commission proposal

The need to capitalize on the ambitious European policy for the creation of “European University Networks”, with curricula that promote the provision of intelligent specialist knowledge and skills, stressed Minister of Education Kostas Champiaouris during the EU Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council.

The Minister who participated in the works of the Council today and yesterday in Brussels, stressed during his speech on the debate on the EUs transition to the Single European Education Area (on the basis of the proposals presented yesterday by the Commission and Commissioner Tibor Navraskis) that ” it is important that Higher Education Institutions adopt long-term and holistic strategies to promote academic and research activity in areas where their region has comparative advantages and / or needs. “

The Minister made it clear that “smart intelligence strategies will be promoted in areas that are in line with these regions” and called for a following up on the specific European Commission proposal.

It is noted that the Ministers of Education also adopted conclusions on the vision for a European training area and issued recommendations for developing skills and lifelong learning. In addition, they adopted conclusions to promote the shared values of inclusive education and the European dimension of teaching.

The Council then continued its meeting on Youth Issues (yesterday) and culture and sports (today).

During a debate on the future priorities of EU youth policy, the Minister stressed intervened to point out that “the priorities for future EU cooperation should include Participation and European Citizenship, Education and Training, Employability, Inclusion, Youth Work and Volunteering. “

He noted that on the basis of the above, “Cyprus has begun implementing the National Youth Strategy by designing 10 new programs”. “We are also preparing for the implementation of the new mobility program, the European Solidarity Body, which has at its core the principles and values on which the European Building is built “.

“We are confident,” concluded the Minister of Education, “that with the positive contribution of all this, the end result will be a second flagship next to Erasmus +.”

Furthermore, on todays second day of the Council, Ministers adopted Conclusions on the need to propose cultural heritage within the framework of EU policies and exchanged views on the long-term vision for the contribution of culture to the EU.

“The potential of culture in all policy areas should be exploited and our programs and actions for the post-2020 era should highlight this cross-cutting aspect,” the Minister for Education and Culture said in his speech.

“The field of cultural policy research should be strengthened as it can form the basis for shaping policies that link culture to other actions such as technology, ecology, the economy, as well as education and training”, emphasized Kostas Champiaouris.

Finally, as regards the sport session, the main topic of discussion is the commercialization of professional sports and the sustainability of the European model of sports.

The Ministers also attended a working lunch on “The Future of the Struggles at Club and National Groups”, in the presence of UEFA President Ceferin.

On the sidelines of the Council, Minister K. Hampiaouris participated in a Ministerial Conference organized by the Commission on the exchange of views on the future of the European Schools, where he expressed in his speech the support of Cyprus to the European Schools Institution and emphasized preparedness of Cyprus for an exchange of views aimed at improving their existing operating framework.

Source: Cyprus News Agency