CYPRUS: Driver pleads not guilty to reckless driving with his legs up

A 43-year-old Cypriot driver arrested for navigating a vehicle with his legs has denied charges of reckless and dangerous driving, driving an unregistered truck without insurance.

Earlier this month Cyprus Police identified the 43-year-old as the man who had posted a video stream of himself driving a car with his legs on the steering wheel while navigating a busy Limassol-Nicosia highway near Kofinou.

The driver appeared before a Larnaca court on Thursday to plead not guilty to the charges of reckless driving and driving without insurance.

He will now stand trial with a hearing scheduled for 16 January 2020.

It is understood the errant driver was using his mobile phone to capture his unconventional style.

The three-and-a-half-minute clip shows the driver with both feet in long black socks on the steering wheel navigating with his calves on the slow lane of a two-lane highway with apparent ease.

Police had some harsh words for the irresponsible driver making waves on social media.

Driving is not a game or a joke. We all have a responsibility to be careful whilst behind the wheel and show respect not only for our own lives but those of others, they said

Cypriot law states that drivers must have both hands on the wheel.

Source: The Financial Mirror