CYPRUS: CyBC off air as staff walk out over work accident

National broadcaster CyBC radio and television went off the air for 15 minutes at midday on Friday, when staff walked out in protest over the lack of safety measures in some of the buildings that back to the late 1950s.

The walkout was prompted by an accident that occurred on Thursday, when a graphic designer was electrocuted in a newly renovated office.

The CyBC employees trade union EVRIK said the graphic designer was rushed to the Nicosia General Hospital, where according to doctors in the emergency ward the designer was saved from certain death thanks to the wooden floor.

EVRIK called on the graphic designers to abandon the workspace and remain out until the competent technical services check the site and give assurances about safety for the workers to return.

EVRIK said that another serious labour incident occurred a few months back when a window pane fell out and crashed near workers.

Source: Financial Mirror