Cyprus concerned with ongoing hostilities in Yemen, President says

Cyprus follows closely the developments in Yemen and is seriously concerned with the continuing conflict, the escalation of hostilities in parts of the country and the acute humanitarian crisis which is the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades, President Nicos Anastasiades has said.

Receiving on Tuesday the credentials of the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the Republic of Cyprus, stationed in Beirut, Abdullah Abdulkarim Hasan Alduais, the President said that Cyprus fully supports the implementation of the “Stockholm Agreement”, as it considers it an important step towards the re-launching of an inclusive political process.

“In this regard, we fully support the efforts of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy Martin Griffiths and reiterate our support to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen. At the same time, it is vital to ensure unobstructed access of humanitarian aid and other basic goods to Yemen and distribution within the country, as well as support to the country’s economy”, he said.

The President added that Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, will continue to actively engage in the discussions within the EU on how to best support the efforts of the UN Special Envoy through specific initiatives and actions.

Presenting his credentials, the Ambassador said that he looks forward to the support of the Cyprus government to the Yemeni legitimate government, by supporting the peaceful efforts, the last effort was in Stockholm, and support the outcomes of the Stockholm talks as a first step to end the coup by the Houthi Militia and lead to the return of our legitimate government and his authority to Sanaa the capital of Yemen which is unfortunately now occupied by this Militia.

“We currently need the support from the international community and from our friends to put more pressure on the Houthi Militia and Iran which is supporting this Militia, to push them to the peaceful solution based on The GCC Initiative, the outcomes of The National Dialogue of Yemen and the Security Council Resolution on Yemen, specially {2216), to achieve peace in Yemen.

We also look forward to the support of our legitimate government by the international community and our friends to alleviate the humanitarian crisis that had been made by this Militia”, he said.

The Ambassador also pointed out that Yemen also wishes to reaffirm its principled support to the efforts for the resumption of negotiations under the UN auspices for a solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of international Law and in line with the UN Charter and the relevant United Nations Resolutions. “At the end I hope that both of our countries will reach more development and increase collaboration in every side”, he said.

Source: Cyprus News Agency