Cyprus city of Paphos present at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels

The city of Paph?s, on the southwest coast of Cyprus, was present at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels. The city which was Cultural Capital of Europe in 2017 was able to carry out a total of 14 projects , 7 of which were realized with EU funding.

Civil Engineer at Pafos Municipality Neophytos Zavrides presented those projects during a 30 minute presentation titled “Paphos, before and after the 2017, the benefits of being Cultural Capital of Europe”, at the Square Convention Center in Brussels where most of the events take place. The Week of Regions and Cities has attracted a total of 6,000 participants and over 220 journalists.

The total cost of the projects carried out was 45 million euro and the EU funding amounted to around 30 mln.

Zavrides told the Cyprus News Agency that Paphos got an invitation to attend the Week when EU officials had visited the city upon completion of the projects for an assessment. He said that when the officials from Brussels saw the work that was done in just a couple of years they extended the invitation so that Paphos could come in the EU capital to show the participants what it has achieved. This was such an honor, Zavrides told the CNA.

He explained that the work that has been done was very significant for Paphos’ capabilities, the financial means it had in place and the resources to do so. He said that this proves that when there is a vision and the right planning, things get done.

The works included, inter alia, the commercial center of Paphos, the squares around the Town Hall, the Mouttallos area, the Municipal Market, Markideio Theater, Attiko Cinema, the Ibrahim Inn and extensive sidewalks. The cultural infrastructure projects, Zavrides said, where situated in an area that underwent a major revamp.

He said that the citizens were a bit frustrated when the works were underway but they showed patience because they realized that these projects would change the whole face of the city. He added that there has been good feedback and the results were rewarding for the Municipality and all the decisions made.

Zavrides said that what Paphos has achieved pushed forward the private sector to take up initiatives for further improvement of the city center and other areas.

The yearlong programme of events included theater and musical performances, art exhibitions, open air events and other cultural acitivities.

Source: Cyprus News Agency