CYPRUS: Calls for world alliance against climate change

President of the French Constitutional Council and former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, called for a new alliance against climate change during a speech in Nicosia.

Fabius was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of the science of Law at the European University Cyprus for a significant contribution through acclaimed international scientific activity.

In his speech, Fabius that in terms of climate action, the situation today is worse. He said that there is no other solution than to act more urgently.

It is our own responsibility towards present and future generations to save the environment. It is a question of survival.

This means, he said, that the time has come for a sort of a new alliance for our planet.

Fabius said the past four years have been the hottest ever recorded and said that Cyprus and the region are particularly concerned, as there could be a possible rise at end of the century of 5 to 6 degrees.

He underlined that the Cyprus Institute initiative to coordinate efforts of countries of the region to tackle the impact on climate change is very useful.

He said acting to prevent environmental destruction is acting to ensure security for present and future generations and it is a question of peace or war.

We now also need a genuine international treaty gathering various principles related to the environment, the rights and duties for individuals, companies and states, Fabius noted.

The ambition of this global pact for the environment, which is currently discussed at the UN, is to give legal force to international major environmental principles.

We need an alliance between the civil society, companies, NGO’s, regions, cities, universities, citizens etc. We need a new alliance between generations.

Source: The Financial Mirror