Cyprus Cabinet approves Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum charte, Minister hails initiative as “important”

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) is a very important initiative by Egypt, said Energy Minister Natasa Pilides on Tuesday, after a Cabinet meeting that approved the Forum’s charter.


The regional organization was launched at Egypt’s initiative and involves seven countries, with Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian authority as its founding members, she explained. The EMGF “utilizes the excellent relations and the cooperation among Eastern Mediterranean countries, in order to find the best possible way to make use of the region’s natural wealth, first and foremost natural gas,” Pilides added.


More issues for discussion may be added at a later stage, the Minister noted, making reference to Renewable Energy Sources.


In statements after the Cabinet meeting, in Nicosia, Pilides said that companies from member countries are also involved in the EMGF, to discuss issues at experts’ level. “This will result to better cooperation, implementing the goals and to utilizing our natural resources better and faster” she added.


Pilides said that on September 22 the founding members will take part in an online signing ceremony, due to COVID-19, and the charter will be sent to the respective Energy Ministers for signatures.


Electricity grids are another topic that is being discussed at a bilateral level, between Cyprus and Israel and Cyprus and Egypt, the Minister said in reply to another question.


The participation of companies at the EMGF ensures that issues pertaining to the development of resources will be promoted in parallel and that decisions will be implemented.


Pilides said moreover that she had on Tuesday a meeting, in Nicosia, with a delegation from Noble Energy, and said that there is a concrete plan on the next steps. Experts are looking at deadlines and the activities ahead and the plan progresses according to schedule, she added.


On October 2 Noble Energy’s Special Meeting of Shareholders is expected to approve the pending acquisition by Chevron, with the Minister saying that the government is progressing with its plans together with the administrator – Noble Energy at the time being – as well as with other partners, including Shell and Delek.


Pilides said that they are in contact with other companies, active in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone, discussing, among others, ways to manage COVID-related incidents.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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