Cyprus beef production up, pork production down in July 2019

Beef production in July 2019 was up by 6,75% on an annual basis while pork production was down by 3.7%, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service on Tuesday show.

According to the official data, beef production in July this year reached 430 tonnes compared to 403 tonnes in July 2018.

The number of cows slaughtered for consumption came to 1,451 compared to 1,351 in July last year.

On the contrary, pork production in July 2019 fell to 3,585 tonnes compared to 3,725 tonnes in July 2018

The number of pigs slaughtered for consumption purposes reached 47,862 compared to 49,872 in July of the previous year.

The number of sheep slaughtered for consumption in July this year reached 14,130. The meat production reached 273 tonnes compared to 13,828 sheep slaughtered in 2018 and a meat production of 301 tonnes.

Goats slaughtered in July this year reached 12,502 and meat production reached 270 tonnes, compared to 10,915 in July 2018 with the production of meat reaching 241 tonnes.

The number of chickens slaughtered for the purposes of consumption in July 2019 came to 1,233,310 compared to 1,184,655 in July last year.

Chicken meat production reached this July 2,467 tonnes, compared to 2,369 tonnes in July 2018.

Source: Cyprus News Agency