Cyprus authorities announce on Saturday the death of an 82 year old man and 314 new COVID-19 cases

Cyprus authorities announced on Saturday the death of an 82 year old man with COVID-19, and said that 314 new COVID-19 cases were detected on the island.


According to an announcement by the Ministry of Health, the 82 year old, hospitalized at Famagusta General Hospital, was suffering from underlying conditions. The final cause of his death is attributed to COVID-19. The total number of people whose final cause of death is attributed to COVID-19 rose to 27, of which 18 were men and 9 women. The death of 8 more people, found to be positive to SARS-CoV-2 virus, is attributed to other causes.


The Ministry of Health also notes that 314 new cases of COVID-19 were detected after 4,218 laboratory tests. 92 of them belong to the staff of a slaughterhouse in Nicosia District. As for the remaining 222 cases, 60 were found to be positive after testing 524 samples from contact tracing, 94 samples were detected after 1,736 people tested on their own initiative, 14 were found to be positive after 284 tests run by Microbiology Labs of General Hospitals, 44 tested positive from 1,008 samples from passengers, 8 were detected after testing 261 samples from GP referrals, one case was detected among 202 samples taken from pupils, teachers and school staff and one was detected after testing 8 samples from immigrant reception centers.


No positive cases were found after running 47 tests in sports clubs.


The total number of COVID-19 cases detected in Cyprus since the start of the pandemic rose to 5,871.


53 people with SARS-CoV-2 virus are hospitalized at Famagusta General Hospital, five of them at the Advanced Care Unit. One more patient was transferred while being intubated to the Nicosia General Hospital ICU, where a total of seven patients are treated. Nine more people are hospitalized on regular wards.


The Health Ministry notes that the number of people currently treated is one of the highest since the start of the pandemic. It is also noted that the number of those intubated is rising gradually but steadily.


If the spread of the virus continues at the same pace, it is a matter of days for the number of patients to increase, and subsequently the number of those in need of ICU treatment, the Ministry warns.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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