Cyprus announces decision to bid for European Labour Authority

The government of Cyprus announced, on Thursday, its decision to submit an application to host the European Labour Authority (ELA).

The decision to bid for the new European body which is expected to be established within 2019, was announced after a meeting of the Cabinet, by Deputy Government Spokesperson Klelia Vasiliou.

“Given the traditionally excellent labour relations it maintains, as well as its long-standing interest at EU level, multilateral level and internationally on labour matters. the Republic of Cyprus plans to submit its official candidacy to host the European Labour Authoritys headquarters, in Nicosia,” Vasiliou said.

She added that fifteen years after its EU accession Cyprus is one of the few member states which do not yet host in their territory a European organisation, authority or agency.

The Cypriot official further noted that in order to make a bid for the ELAs headquarters it will be necessary to offer the building the authority will be housed in for free. Tax incentives will also be given to the authoritys staff.

The Commission, the Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement on the proposal for the European Labour Authority in February 2019. The Authority should be up and running in 2019 and reach its full operational capacity by 2023.

Source: Cyprus News Agency