Cyprus and Jordan sign Memorandum on Military Cooperation

Cyprus and Jordan signed a Memorandum on Military Cooperation in the framework of Minister of Defence Christoforos Fokaides official visit to Jordan, which concluded on Tuesday. Fokaides’ visit is the first official visit by a Cypriot Defence Minister to Jordan.

According to a PIO press release, Fokaides was received by King Abdullah of Jordan, met with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mahmoud A. Freihat, the Director of General Intelligence Department, Major General Adnan Al-Junci, as well as Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein.

During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Military Cooperation was signed, while the appointment of a Military Attache of the Republic of Cyprus to Amman was announced, who will be accredited to Cairo as well.

Talks focused, inter alia, on bilateral relations, regional security and the threat of terrorism, as well as migration humanitarian crisis, which is caused mainly by the Syrian conflict and has especially affected Jordan.

According to the press release, Minister Fokaides conveyed during the meeting with King Abdullah the will of the Republic of Cyprus to actively support the efforts of Jordan in addressing both the migration crisis and the threat of terrorism. King Abdullah thanked the Republic of Cyprus for providing military equipment, in the framework of Jordan’s international initiative, known as Aqaba Process, to counter-terrorism.

As it is noted, Cyprus decided to offer 2.3 million euro � its share of the EU financial aid to Turkey for the refugee problem – to Jordan and Lebanon. Cyprus has not sent aid to Turkey, as Ankara does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus and its troops occupy the Republic’s northern areas since they invaded in 1974,

The King of Jordan expressed special gratitude to President Anastasiades for Cyprus’ support to his country in the context of the European Union and praised the brotherly relations between the two countries.

The Minister of Defence highlighted Jordan’s great importance with regard to regional security and its crucial role in the Arab World, especially regarding the Middle East Peace Process, and underlined the need for cooperation of all moderate Governments of the region, so as to effectively address terrorism and new asymmetric threats.

He also said that it is important to create the right conditions to allow the steady transition of the region from an unstable zone of problems, threats and divisions into a region of peace, stability and development.

Minister Fokaides had also the opportunity to brief his interlocutors on the recent developments in the Cyprus problem and the efforts made by the President of the Republic to reach a solution to the problem.

The Minister of Defence, who is accompanied by officials of the Ministry of Defence and the Permanent Secretary and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, returns to Cyprus today.

Source: Cyprus News Agency