Cyprus and Israeli “IASON -2019” and “NIKOKLIS-DAVID-2019” exercises completed

The military exercises “IASON -2019” and “NIKOKLIS-DAVID-2019” were held from 20-29 May with the participation of military Special Operation Units from Cyprus and Israel, as well as ground and air assets.

The exercises took place within the framework of the annual military cooperation programme.

A Ministry of Defence press release said the exercises were held within the FIR of Nicosia and in a large part of the land area of the Republic of Cyprus in the Paphos-Troodos areas.

During the “IASON-2019” training exercise, the military staff of the National Guard and the Israeli Air Force were co-trained, and also exchanged knowledge and experience in the field of air operations.

At the “NIKOKLIS-DAVID 2019” training exercise, participants from the two countries co-trained in the field of fighting in unknown and inaccessible – diverse territory.

These types of exercises, as well as “Onisilos-Gedeon” exercise, are the culmination of the excellent cooperation that exists between the Ministries of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus and Israel, in the field of joint exercises, the press release added.

Source: Cyprus News Agency