Cyprus and Israel agree on a road map to speed up “Euroasia Interconnector” implementation

According to a Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) press release, the meeting focused on the provisions and the way of implementation of EU Regulation 2022/869 regarding the guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructures, in the context of the evaluation of the “Euroasia Interconnector” project .


The conference was organized by CERA in cooperation with the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) in the context of the mutual briefing on the project and the renewal of cooperation between the independent regulatory authorities of Cyprus-Israel. The meeting was described by the participants as “a milestone in the joint efforts of the two countries to promote regional cooperation in the energy sector.”


During the conference it was mentioned that the effects of the current energy crisis, the turbulence in the energy markets and recent geopolitical developments make the “Euroasia Interconnector” Project more relevant and important than ever.


The meeting was attended by CERA President Andreas Poullikkas and officials, representatives from the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, representatives of the Transmission System Operator of Cyprus, the Ambassador of Israel to Cyprus Oren Anolik, the President of the Israeli regulatory authority Amir Shavit and officials, the CEO and Chief Operations Officer of the Independent System Operator of Israel (ISO-NOGA) Shiki Fisher and officials, representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Israel, the President and CEO of Euroasia Interoconnector ltd Nasos Ktorides and representatives of the company.


The “EuroAsia Interconnector”, is a project of common interest of the EU, which is expected to put an end to the energy isolation of the two countries, while strengthening energy security and contributing to the intergration of the internal market. The implementation of the “EuroAsia Interconnector” project is, as noted in the press release, an important step forward for both countries, providing all the necessary synergies that will accelerate the integration of more renewable energy sources while promoting competition in the electricity market for the benefit of the consumers.


Source: Cyprus News Agency