Cyprus and Greece should be actors of stability in region, Greece’s Defence Minister says

Cyprus and Greece should be actors of stability, security and peace in the region, through the bilateral and trilateral partnerships with neighbouring countries, inspiring a spirit of friendship and collaboration, Greece’s Minister of National Defence Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos has said.


Panagiotopoulos was speaking to the press on Saturday after the military parade in Nicosia on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary since the declaration of the independence of the Republic of Cyprus.


He also spoke of the parallels drawn by the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, 48 years ago, noting the both Russia and Turkey called their military attacks “special military peace operations”.


Panagiotopoulos said that all revisionist and destabilising practices on behalf of Turkey, both towards Cyprus and Greece, should be condemned.


“We should condemn all revisionist powers, that infringe the UN Charter”, he pointed out and added that these actions do not solely threaten the target-states, but regional peace and stability as well, and even international peace and stability.


On his part, Defence Minister Charalambos Petrides said that the largest defence budget of the past 20 years and “reliable international partnerships” play a key role for the defensive strategy of Cyprus.


Petrides said that until Cyprus is liberated from the Turkish forces of occupation and reunited, the country will continue to reinforce its defence with modern armaments. He added that defence partnerships within the EU or outside of it, “send a message of stability, peace and respect of the international law in the wider Eastern Mediterrannean”.


He particularly spoke of the recent decision on behalf of the USA, to lift the arm sales embargo towards Cyprus, which will be in effect as of October first. “This decision, apart from politically significant, is also expanding our armament options”, Petrides said.


He also reassured of the close bonds and collaboration with the Greek Minister of National Defence, on the occasion of his presence in Nicosia for the celebrations.


Source: Cyprus News Agency