Cypriot unions send message of solidarity with the people of Cuba

Greek Cypriot leftist union PEO and Turkish Cypriot trade unions on Wednesday handed a resolution of solidarity with the people of Cuba over to the Cuban Ambassador in Nicosia Aramis Fuente Hernandez, as members of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), which has declared the 26th of July as a day of solidarity of workers worldwide with the Cuban people and against the economic embargo imposed on Cuba by the US and its allies for decades.

PEO Secretary-General Pambis Kyritsis and representatives of Turkish Cypriot unions DEV-IS, KTAMS, KTOS, KTOEOS, BES, KOOPE-SEN, DAU-SEN were received by the Cuban Ambassador at his residence in Nicosia, where they expressed the solidarity of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot workers to the people of Cuba and handed over the relevant resolution.

The Ambassador reiterated that Cuba supports the just struggle of the Cypriot people and underlined the strong ties between the two countries, referring to the celebrations that marked 55 years of diplomatic relations two years ago.

The Cuban people, despite the difficulties created by the exclusion and the imperialist challenges, continues with determination its struggle to build a society based on the principles of justice, peace and socialism the unions stressed in their resolution.

The economic exclusion that US governments have imposed on Cuba for decades despite the strong condemnation by the international community and the decisions of the UN General Assembly has had a serious impact on the countrys economy and standard of living and has caused serious shortcomings in sensitive areas such as the pharmaceutical sector they noted.

They refer to recent statements of US President Donald Trump, noting that they mark a new period of more tension and aggression against the people and workers of Cuba and an attempt to undermine and intervene in the countrys internal affairs.

Source: Cyprus News Agency