Cypriot team Nestfold wins NASA competition

A Cypriot team of students called Nestfold has won the first prize in the international NASA space apps challenge competition, in the people’s choice category.

Their idea is a deployable NestFold capsule that can be air-dropped in areas suffering from natural disasters rescuing victims from fire, flood, landslide, earthquake etc.

Each shelter is individually independent and can communicate with others using a flexible ad-hoc network. Shelters acquire data about the outer and inner environment and human’s health status as well.

Additionally, they can provide safety and can cover basic human needs. Data are being sent to a nearby control station where disaster analysis occurs and if it is required, further instant help is provided to a specific shelter.

Each shelter can host 18 people, including two injured. They are equipped with water and food for six days and can be detected through a mobile phone application.

Rector of the University of Cyprus Konstantinos Christofides congratulated the students, saying that a country can have a bright future when its youth has ideas such as the Nestfold.

The team comprises 17 people, most of whom are young students. In their statements, they spoke about their idea and said that it is a great honour for them to have won this global competition.

More than 2,000 teams from all over the world took part in the NASA competition, which is organised every year in many cities in the world.

Source: Cyprus News Agency