Cypriot MP says continued non-participation of Russia would not benefit PACE

Cypriot MP Giorgos Loukaides has said that continued non-participation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) or further deterioration of the situation with its departure from other key bodies of the organization would be costly to the people of Russia and the operation and the organization’s prestige.

Loukaides was addressing the PACE plenary in the context of the adoption of a report on its role and mission and the main challenges it is faced with, a House of Representatives press release issued here today says.

The Cypriot MP, it notes, “underlined the importance of the proposals included in the report, expressing the belief that the organization is at a critical crossroads.”

In case, he continued, the current situation, with the non participation of the Russian Federation in PACEs work is extended or it further deteriorates with its departure by other key bodies of the organization, this will be very costly, first to the people of Russia, but also on the operation and the organization’s prestige.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency