Cypriot Minister supported the renewed ENISA mandate and called for the ending of EU’s digital divide

The Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works Vassiliki Anastasiadou supported the renewed mandate to ENISA, the EU cyber-security agency based in Greece, noted the need to reduce the digital divide in the Union and called for the safeguarding of citizens personal data while ensuring competitiveness and innovation for EU businesses, during the works of the EU Telecoms Council, which took place today in Luxembourg.

The EU28 deliberated on the proposed Regulation on Privacy and Personal Data Protection in Electronic Communications, the next Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027) aimed at reducing the digital divide in Europe and on the text of the Regulation on Safety and Certification in the Cyberspace.

As regards personal data, in her intervention the Minister said that despite the progress already made in the Council, the Regulation needs further processing to reach a satisfactory level in order to start negotiations between the co-legislators.

The Regulation should ensure fundamental rights regarding confidentiality in citizens communications and the protection of their personal data while safeguarding competitiveness and innovation in the European Union, the Minister for Transport noted.

Concerning the next Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027), aimed at reducing the digital divide in Europe, which was discussed during a working lunch, the Minister stressed the need to reduce the digital divide, particularly on issues such as broadband connectivity, access to electronic supercomputers, and the provision of adequate human resources. She also mentioned the need to improve cooperation between the public, private and academic sectors, to make better use of the underlying potential in Europe.

The digital divide stems from investment gaps, created mainly due to the heterogeneous digital transformation of the European economy and society, the Transport Minister notes.

Finally, Minister Vassiliki Anastasiadou supported a renewed, permanent and strong mandate for ENISA, the cyber-security agency of the EU, on the basis of the regulation adopted by the EU28. The Regulation defines the objectives, tasks and functions of ENISA as well as the framework for the creation of European safety certificates for cyber products and services, which will be recognized in all EU Member States.

Source: Cyprus News Agency