Cypriot, Greek and Israeli diaspora leaders meet February in Jerusalem

Cypriot, Greek and Israeli diaspora leaders are set to meet trilaterally in Jerusalem, between February 24 and 26. Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou said on Monday that the goal is to promote the interests of the three countries in powerful decision-making centers abroad, noting in particular the successful model of cooperation in the US.

The next trilateral meeting was among the issues Photiou discussed in his office today with the Ambassador of Israel to Cyprus, Sammy Revel. Speaking after the meeting, Photiou said in particular that they discussed about the next steps of cooperation regarding diaspora matters.

About the Jerusalem meeting, the Presidential Commissioner said that together with diaspora leaders we will have the opportunity to discuss ways to make cooperation more efficient on all levels and in all countries.

He added that the aim is to extend this cooperation in youth and cultural issues. We want this cooperation to have an important goal, the promotion of the interests of the three countries in powerful decision-making centers abroad he said, adding that this is already happening successfully in the United States.

We want to apply this model – which we think is very successful � to other countries Photiou said, adding that in the United Kingdom diaspora organizations already started a very efficient cooperation.

He went on to say that after Jerusalem, a trilateral meeting with follow in Crete. I expect it to be a very interesting trilateral meeting between the three countries on matters of diaspora he noted.

Moreover, the Presidential Commissioner said that they also discussed about youth issues together with Ambassador Revel. He added that a group of young people from the three countries’ diaspora will visit Greece, Cyprus and Israel in July, in order to learn about each country’s history and culture.

He also referred to a meeting he had recently with the Rector of the University of Cyprus, discussing the possibility of offering scholarships together with Israeli Universities for students from the diaspora.

Another issue the two men discussed was the potential for academic cooperation, with Photiou saying that this will be possibly on the table in Jerusalem next month.

The Presidential Commissioner thanked Ambassador Revel for their close cooperation, expressing at the same time the belief that this may benefit their countries.

On his part the Ambassador of Israel said that he had a very good and constructive meeting with Presidential Commissioner Photiou. The relationship between Israel, Cyprus and also Greece in the trilateral cooperation that we have is very very important he said, noting that the three countries share the same values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human life.

The cooperation that we have with the diaspora is a very important aspect, Ambassador Revel went on.

He referred to the December 2018 trilateral summit in Beer Sheva, where the leaders of Cyprus, Greece and Israel emphasized the great importance of increasing cooperation between the diaspora.

He also referred to the Ministerial meeting on diaspora issues, that took place last December in Nicosia, noting that it provided a chance to put in place a very concrete, a very ambitious cooperation program for the next year.

According to the Ambassador, they agreed to have many cooperation opportunities in the near future, with meetings at decision-making level in order to increase cooperation and also to put in place concrete projects that will ensure the prosperity of the three countries.

He referred finally to projects that will increase linkages on academic issues and youth to afford the young generation the chance to build a better future for Israel, Cyprus Greece and the whole region.

Source: Cyprus News Agency