Cypriot footballer Loizos Loizou dropped from Omonia’s first team

Omonia player Loizos Loizou has been dropped from the first team as, according to a club statement on Tuesday, he wants to continue his career in a more advanced league, while he rejected a proposal for an early extension of his contract with much better terms than the existing one.

As reported, prior to the start of pre-season, Loizou informed the club in writing that if a transfer abroad during the summer transfer window was not possible, then he would not play for Omonia again, reiterating this position on a regular basis.

For its part, the club notes that it has repeatedly tried to help Loizou make the right decisions for his own career and for the club, and it was explained to the player that in order for him to leave, an offer must come that satisfies him and the club, which has not happened so far, with the exception of an offer about a month ago to loan the player without financial compensation, which does not satisfy Omonia.

Furthermore, the club says that they have offered Loizou an early renewal with a significantly increased salary in order for him to train and compete undistracted until an offer that satisfies him and the club comes along, while it was stressed to the player that he should, through his competitive performance, arouse the interest of teams from more advanced leagues in order to achieve what he is aiming for.

Despite any efforts, Omonia reports that Loizou has so far appeared immovable in his position that he does not wish to play for the team but to play in a more advanced league.

Based on the above facts and taking into account the fact that Loizou is training individually, as he is complaining of ankle discomfort, and the team’s trip to Belgium, Omonia announced that the player will train with the K-19 team, with the club fully complying with what is stipulated in the contract with the player and will continue to do so.

Source: Cyprus News Agency