Cypriot doctors stand by their Turkish colleagues

The Cyprus Medical Association has released a letter in support of Turkish doctors arrested because they have disagreed with or condemned the country’s military operation in Afrin, Syria.

In the letter addressed to the Turkish Medical Association President, the Cyprus Association expresses its concern regarding reports that have been published on the arrest of eleven members of its Board of Directors under the pretext of having issued a press release disapproving of Turkish operations and expressing the view that these operations constitute a problem for public health.

It further condemns a police raid in the offices of the Turkish Medical Association during which electronic data including personal and confidential data regarding both doctors and patients were seized.

The letter also refers to an attack against the Turkish Cypriot newspaper offices Afrika by far-right groups in Turkish occupied Nicosia recently which was incited by Turkish President himself Tayyip Erdogan.

The anti-war statement of the Turkish Medical Association is fully compatible with humanitarian values, morality and ethics which should be characteristic of the medical profession, the letter finally says.

Source: Cyprus News Agency