Cypriot champion Anna Ioannou breaks world record in closed rowing

Cypriot rowing champion and Limassol Nautical Club coach Anna Ioannou has broken the world record in closed rowing, this time in the 500m with 1:37.2, in the lightweight women’s 19-29 age group.

Ioannou broke the world record on March 31, 2018, at the Limassol Nautical Club, in the presence of other athletes of the Club. The previous record was held by Alice Arch from Australia with 1:38.0.

The 25-year-old Cypriot world champion broke another record on January 22, 2018. She clocked in at 3:30.0 in the 1000m lightweight women’s 19-29 age group, breaking her own record of 3:30.6 from December 17, 2017.

Both the champion and her coach, Georgios Yioupis, said this was just the beginning.

In a separate event, Alexandros Zisimidis, Limassol Nautical Club athlete, studying at Columbia University, in New York, is taking part in the US National Rowing Championship. On March 30, 2018, the Cypriot athlete was a member of the crew of an eight-oar with coxswain, which beat the Princeton team.

The Columbia University team was: Cox – Judy Liu, Stroke – Alexandros Zisimidis, 7 – Maxwell Amsterdam, 6 – Ben Landis, 5 – Torrance Smith, 4 – Gavin Southerland, 3 – Sebastian Krappe, 2 – Jenson Carlgren, Bow – Levi Beckett.

Source: Cyprus News Agency