Cypriot American Community youth to organize an event for the 44th anniversary of the Turkish invasion

The Cypriot American Community in spite of its small numbers – of 50,000 members � has been very active and is in the forefront of the struggle in America, for not only the Cyprus problem, but all the Greek national issues. But it is also recognized by its leadership that frustration and sometimes fatigue influences the older generation, while the participation of the younger generation is small.

During an open discussion organized last year by the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations it was pointed out � among other things � that young Cypriot Americans don’t know much about the Cyprus problem and thus they are reluctant to participate.

On Tuesday, June 5th, the Cypriot Young Professionals and NEPOMAK USA (formerly CYCA) are joining forces for a different event in commemoration of the 44th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion, entitled Cyprus 44 Years Later – A Retrospective Look and Call to Action.

Dimitri Comodromos, from the Cypriot Young Professionals, spoke about the event.

We are taking the idea of the commemoration and turning it to an event to establish the Cypriot government’s position on the Cyprus problem. But more importantly, we will be asking people who are members of the community in the United States for these 44 years and were in Cyprus during the invasion and participated in the defense of Cyprus, or participated in the evacuation of certain areas as the Turkish army approached, to give us their stories. So, the young members of our community to begin to understand in an emotional level, the impact of this life-changing moment of their parents and grand-parents.

The organizers hope the stories will sensitize the young members, make them more aware of the events of 1974 and become more active in the community.

Dimitri Comodromos has been very active in the Cypriot Community, through both the Youth of Cyprus Federation and the Cyprus – U.S. Chamber of Commerce. His father Andreas Comodromos is a refugee from the occupied village of Vatili, a past present of the Cyprus Federation of America, of ‘Justice for Cyprus Committee and founder of the Cyprus � US Chamber of Commerce.

Dimitri Comodromos acknowledges that the younger generation born in America, most of the time doesn’t know the basics of the Cyprus problem and what happened then.

Their parents and grand-parents have moved on with their lives and sometimes buried the emotional stories. The point of the event is to resurface the emotion, and get people to connect with the fact that this incredible trauma has happened, but it is absolutely part of the fabric of who we are as Cypriots and our experience here in America; and reengage and become part of our movement today.

The event will take place at the Museum of Moving Image (36-01 35th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106) from 6:30-10:30PM.

Source: Cyprus News Agency