Covid cases continue to rise, 787 announced Monday, one death and 88 patients in hospitals

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Cyprus and the positivity rate stands now at 1,80%. The authorities on Monday announced 787 new cases and one death while 88 patients are getting treatment in hospitals.The total deaths are now 380 and the total cases since the pandemic broke out are 78,809.

From the 88 patients the 23 are in serious condition. The deceased is a female 69 years old who passed away at the American Medical Centre. She was transferred there from the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital. The Health Ministry clarifies that the patient was not an active covid case as 21 days had passed since she caught the disease therefore she could be transferred at a private hospital. From the 380 deaths the 254 are male (67%), and 126 female (33%) and the median age is 77,3 years.

Source: Cyprus News Agency