CoR President: Brexit is a serious wake up call for those who believe in the EU and those who think can do without it

There are a lot of challenges lying ahead because of the Brexit and this should be seen as a wake up call for those who believe in the EU and also those who think can do without it, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, the President of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has said.

Speaking on Thursday, during a press conference at the 8th European Summit of the Regions and Cities held in Bucharest,

Lambertz said that we all look forward to the arrival of EU negotiator Michel Barnier who is expected in Bucharest later today, in order to discuss with him all the issues regarding the Brexit.He said that it is not easy for the UK to leave the EU as it has now become a true Union where everything is interlinked.

He also said that CoR promotes democracy, solidarity and proximity adding that there are a lot of challenges we need to tackle in an effective way such as security and climate change, pointing out that the answers can be found in cooperation.

Lambertz referred especially to climate change and the demonstrations held by young people pointing out that CoR supports them and is by their side.

Robert Sorin Negoita, the President of the Romanian delegation to the CoR said that we live in important moments for the local administrations because they are extremely crucial to the every day lives of the citizens and thus they must have more power and given more authority. He said that CoR has a set of goals based on cohesion, subsidiarity and decentralization.

The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe in the UN, Olga Algayerova briefed the participants on the set of goals the UN has for sustainable development. She described the agenda as a very ambitious one but noted that we are here to implement it. She also spoke about urban development, clean transport, actions for road accidents etc.

Source: Cyprus News Agency