Construction materials prices up by 0,84% in 2019

Overall, the prices of construction materials recorded an annual incease of 0,84% in 2019, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service, on Monday, show.

According the data, the Price Index of Construction Materials for December 2019 reached 100.91 units (base year 2015=100.00), recording a decrease of 0.29% compared to November 2019.

For the period January – December 2019, the index recorded an increase of 0.84% compared to the same period of 2018.

The increase of the index in 2019 over the previous year is mainly due to the increase in the prices of the following materials:

Bricks: 9.01%

Asphalt concrete: 7.73%

Acrylic sanitary ware and other plastic bathroom products: 7.10%

Bitumen asphalt: 4.06%

Iron rails: 3.87%

Roofs and metallic parts for the assembly of gypsumboards and cementboards: 3.15%

Rails and venetian blinds from aluminium: 2.91%

Wardrobes, cupboards and benches: 2.44%

On the other hand, the prices of the following materials recorded a drop in 2019:

Steel pipes: 7.36%

Air conditioners: 4,82%

Building iron: 3.28%

Lamps: 3.23%

Sanitary ware of porcelain: 2.78%

Structural steel: 1.57%

Source: Cyprus News Agency