Consolidating Parliament’s role in promoting inclusivity is a priority, Demetriou says at Cyprus Forum

President of the House of Represenatives Anita Demetriou has said that institutions, competent bodies and civil society, must continue to work together for the best interest of society and citizens, which requires the elimination of inequalities, the respect for diversity and equal access to democratic processes.


In a pre-recorded speech at the Cyprus Forum 2022 that takes place in Nicosia 29 – 30 September on “Inclusivity: Unleashing the power of diversity”, Demetriou pointed out that this year’s topic fully coincides with the vision of the House of Representatives for society.


She said that “it is for this reason that I have set as my priority the promotion and consolidation of the Parliament as a promoter of inclusivity, which, as a broad term, sometimes seems an elusive goal”.


The Parliament, she noted, does not exclude anyone and does not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, sex, age, sexuality, economic status and different religious or political beliefs.


She also said that in the context of healthy interaction with civil society, the House of Representatives is increasingly making use of new technologies and social media, which facilitate and promote communication and dialogue with citizens in real time.


The House President noted that we have a duty to create the right conditions that will allow the new generation to actively participate in the shaping of the present and the future.


In this context, she concluded, eliminating phenomena of indifference as regards to politics and society’s problems must be our priority.


Source: Cyprus News Agency