Confrmed coronavirus cases on the rise, OKYPY orders 48-hour closure of Paphos hospital, ends hospital visitations

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Cyprus climbing to 26 in only a week, state health services announced the closure of Paphos hospital and an end to visits for in-patients to stop the spread of the virus within hospitals.

The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that five new cases were confirmed. One person contracted the virus while receiving visitors in the ICU of the Paphos General hospital. The visitors had arrived from the UK. The new development prompted the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) to order the closure of Paphos General Hospital and to prohibit visits to all patients at the island’s hospitals.

The other two cases were persons who had arrived from Italy and were in self-isolation and developed symptoms. Two more persons under self-isolation and had close contact with a confirmed case had been detected.

The ICU patient is expected to be transferred to Famagusta General Hospital’s ICU on Sunday. The hospital’s chief, Dr. Spyros Georgiou said the 70-year-old Briton had been in the ICU since the February 3 when in the last few days his health deteriorated. Samples taken from the man showed he was positive. The patient had been visited by people who had come from the UK.

The ICU was closed and fumigated and patients were expected to be transferred to other hospitals and clinics. OKYPY said the hospital will close down for 48 hours for all areas to be fumigated.

It also announced that visits will not be allowed to all hospitals of the public sector until further notice. The decision was taken in consultation with the Unit for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases.

Source: Cyprus News Agency