Collaborat?on Between the Architecture Departments of EMU and Y?ld?z Technical University

In scope of a collaboration protocol, Eastern Mediteranean University (EMU) and Yildiz Technical University (YTU) Architecture Departments continued their joint architectural studio practicein 2018-2019 Academic Year Spring Semester as in the former semesters.

A project encompassing housing, offices and cultural functions is being carried out within the boundaries of the Istanbul Buyukdere Street and Levent Neighborhood as part of the protocol between the universities and within the framework of ARCH392 Architectural Design Studio Course IV carried out by EMU Architecture Department and MT5 Architectural Design Studio 5 Course delivered by YTU. The project is being ran by Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek, Prof. Dr. S. Mujdem Vural and Senior Instructor Aref Arfaei with the support of Research Assistant Tina Davoodi.

The technical trip which featured the voluntary participation of 25 students registered to the ARCH 392 course took place in Istanbul. The group initially examined and analyzed the field accompanied of Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek and Prof. Dr. S. Mujdem Vural. The students and academic staff were then hosted by Ertan Vural, founder of Ertan Vural Advisory Services at the Kanyon Office Building, where they investigated the building’s entrance hall, floor plans and vertical circulation.

EMU Architecture Department students and academic staff were then delivered detailed presentations by YTU Architecture Department academic staff member and MT5 Architectural Design Studio group convener Assoc. Prof. Dr. Candan Cinar at the YTU Architecture Faculty Meeting Hall. The presentations on regional development, land characteristics and project content led to a detailed discussion about the city and region as well as the concept of user oriented housing. The establishment of spatial projects that will lead to physical and social transformation was set as a goal.

After the technical trip, ARCH392 studio students continued to analyze and work as groups on models and developed their own designs under the supervision of academic staff. The ARCH392 Architectural Design Studio Course IV is the only studio to take place outside of Cyprus within the EMU Architecture program. The course greatly contributes to the learning of students by providing them the opportunity to carry out extensive design at an urban scale in the city of Istanbul which has different characteristics.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University