Collaboration Protocol Signed by Nicosia Turkish Municipality & EMU

Collaboration protocols were signed by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and the Nicosia Turkish Municipality on the 10th of February 2017. The protocols regarding academic, scientific, social and cultural collaboration that also contain the revision of the Nicosia Master Plan were signed at 14:00 at the EMU Rector’s Office by EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam and Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mehmet Harmanc?.

The protocol between EMU and the Nicosia Turkish Municipality aims to develop scientific, cultural and academic collaboration in order to increase awareness towards communal issues and to promote the development of projects that will benefit the community. The protocol will also bring about EMU Urban Research and Development Center counselling in order to improve Nicosia’s Master Plan.

Speaking during the protocol, Prof. Dr. Osam noted that universities should play their part in carrying out action that helps the community and that EMU has been doing this by signing a number of collaboration protocols with different municipalities. Stating that EMU is a university that has taken its place on the world standings and highly values community work, Prof. Dr. Osam stated his happiness regarding collaborating with the Nicosia Turkish Municipality.

Present at the signature ceremony was EMU Board of Trustees President ?lker Edip who noted that throughout the country local authorities are often involved in the solving of problems and that they are often the first places citizens go to when they are experiencing a problem. Edip went on to state that therefore collaborations with municipalities are very important and that EMU is pleased to be involved in projects that exceed campus borders in order to help develop the country. Pointing out that EMU aims to expand its own borders Edip concluded by stating “The time for EMU to have new campuses has arrived”.

In a speech of his own, Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mayor Mehmet Harmanc? stated that he is very pleased to be collaborating with EMU, expressing his belief that such collaborations can help develop and improve the country. Harmanc? pointed out that Nicosia’s master plan is of top importance because of its population and the fact that it is a city with a large industry. Harmanc? concluded by thanking EMU, expressing his belief that positive outcomes will be obtained from the collaboration.

Present at the signature ceremony were EMU Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. M. Ya?ar Ozden, Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova and Prof. Dr. Huseyin Ozkaramanl?, Rector’s Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. Arif Akkele?, EMU Urban Research and Development Center Chair Prof. Dr. ?ebnem Ho?kara, Faculty of Architecture academic staff members and municipality personnel. Following the ceremony, Harmanc? appeared as a guest on the EMU TV television program titled “Collaboration Protocol with EMU”.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University