Collaboration Between EMU and YTU Architecture Departments

In scope of a collaboration protocol, Eastern Mediteranean University (EMU) and Yildiz Technical University (YTU) Architecture Departments continued their joint architectural studio practice in 2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester as in the former semesters.

As part of the protocol between the universities and within the framework of ARCH392 Architectural Design Studio Course IV carried out by EMU Architecture Department and MT5 Architectural Design Studio 5 Course delivered by YTU, the The Living Center for the Elderly Project, targeted towards the people who are 65 years old and more, is being carried out at a place within the borders of Ibrahimaga Neighborhood in KadikAly, Istanbul.

The main theme of the project is the design of a multi-functional structure for the population over 65 years of age in line with the universal design criteria that combines trade, management, support services and housing functions. The project theme includes cultural and ontological aspects in addition to technical aspects.

Creation of Spatial Projects

The project is carried out with the support of EMU Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek, EMU Architecture Department Academic Staff Member Assist. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara, Senior Instructors Aref Arfaei and Cemaliye Eken Ilter and Research Assistants Nazgol Hafizi and Deniz Ozdiren. 15 volunteering architecture students who are currently taking ARCH 392 participated in the technical trip in Istanbul. The said group accompanied by EMU Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek and EMU Architecture Faculty academic staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara explored and conducted an analysis of the project site.

Afterwards, YTU Department of Architecture Faculty Member and MT5 Architectural Design Studio Group Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhat Basdogan made detailed presentations to EMU Architecture Department students and faculty members about the region’s development, selected land characteristics and project content. Through this way, the city and the region selected for the project were discussed in detail, the concepts of ‘Aging and Old Age’ and trade, management, support services and housing for the user were questioned. The establishment of spatial projects that will lead to physical and social transformation was set as a goal.

Carries Special Importance

After the technical trip, ARCH392 studio students continued to analyze and work as groups on models and developed their own designs under the supervision of academic staff. The ARCH392 Architectural Design Studio Course IV is the only studio to take place outside of Cyprus within the EMU Architecture program. The course greatly contributes to the learning of students by providing them the opportunity to carry out extensive design at an urban scale in the city of Istanbul which has different characteristics.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University