CoE and Cyprus organise event on sexist hate speech

The Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Permanent Representations of Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Andorra and Lichtenstein, has organised in the UN headquarters an event entitled “Sexist Hate Speech: A violation of women’s human rights” in the framework of the 6st Assembly of the Committee for the Status of Women.

According to an official press release, sexist hate speech is a sort of violence against women and girls which further worsens gender inequality and has serious repercussions on their health.

Participants at the event discussed about the causes and types of sexist hate speech, its aims and repercussions as well as the measures needed to be taken to tackle this problem.

Speakers at the event included Eva Fehringer, President of the Gender Equality of the Council of Europe, Mary Papadopoulou, President of the Cypriot Federation of Womens Entrepreneurs, Isabelle Simonis, Belgian Minister of Education of Adults, Youth, Womens Rights and Equal Opportunities, Carmen Moreno, Executive Secretary of the Organisation of American States and Genoveva Tisheva from the Bulgarian Institute of Gender Research.

Source: Cyprus News Agency