CNA signs “News Agencies’ Tolerance Charter” at Dubai World Government Summit

The Cyprus News Agency is among the signatories of the News Agencies’ Tolerance Charter, adopted by news agencies’ representatives participating at the World Government Summit 2019 in a bid to highlight coexistence and tolerance.

The charter, consisting of six principles, was signed on Sunday by CNA Director George Penintaex, in Dubai.

Signatories commit to the charter’s principles of tolerance, noting that they deserve constant media follow-up in order to promote peaceful coexistence between the peoples of different religions, sects, doctrines, ideologies.

In particular, they agree to exchange journalistic content and news strengthening the concept of coexistence between cultures and peoples, as well as news about initiatives and projects which aim to strengthen the values of tolerance.

They also focus on stories highlighting dialogue initiatives between various cultures and civilisations and news which contribute to building tolerant communities.

Signatories also affirm the importance of the topics discussed at the Summit, aiming to shape the world’s future and highlight the role of the media through technologies and innovations.

Among others, they agree to shed light on the role of youth in building tolerant communities, and push towards strengthening their participation in decision-making, while addressing them with language and media content which are appropriate to the nature of their aspirations and their ways of thinking.

Source: Cyprus News Agency