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Cyprus, Greece and Jordan must dynamically move their partnership forward, Anastasiades stresses during Trilateral Summit

The cooperation among Cyprus, Greece and Jordan has reached a stage of maturity where consideration should be given in dynamically moving forward their partnership, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said on Sunday in his opening remarks at the second Trilateral Summit among the three countries, that took place in the Royal Palace, in Amman.

Bilateral and trilateral agreements signed during Trilateral Summit in Jordan

Bilateral and trilateral agreements were signed during the second Trilateral Summit among Cyprus, Greece and Jordan, that took place on Sunday in Amman, with the participation of Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the King of Jordan Abdullah II.

Strategic ties with Jordan are a fundamental pillar of Cyprus’ foreign policy, House President says

Developing strategic ties with neighbouring countries, such as Jordan, is a fundamental pillar of Cyprus’ foreign policy, with the ultimate aim of building a broader network of cooperation and creating an organisation of security and cooperation among the countries of the region, President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris said in his opening speech at the First Trilateral Meeting of Presidents of Parliament of Jordan, Greece and Cyprus, in the Dead Sea.

Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan review trilateral cooperation

Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan exchanged views on the progress of their countries’ trilateral cooperation and discussed the operation in Nicosia of a Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the mechanism of trilateral cooperation.

Jordan, Greece and Cyprus agree to establish a Permanent Secretariat in Nicosia

The leaders of Jordan, Cyprus and Greece agreed on Sunday to establish a Permanent Secretariat in Nicosia, which will anchor and facilitate their trilateral cooperation in order to realize its full potential, to the benefit of their countries and peoples, and of the region.

Energy cooperation could contribute to peace in the region, House President stresses

House of Representatives President Demetris Syllouris has stressed that cooperation in the sector of energy could contribute to the prevalence of peace in the region.

Iraq to join cooperation schemes which Cyprus and Greece establish with countries of the region

Iraq will join the schemes of cooperation which Cyprus and Greece have been establishing with countries of the region, after the participation of the Iraqi Foreign Minister in a meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan that was held in Amman on Sunday, on the sidelines of the second Trilateral Summit of the three countries.

Source: Cyprus News Agency